Monday, 25 April 2016


Well hello if you're reading this!

If I'm being honest, I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to start a blog....what do you want to know?! I'm a 24 year old female living in Wales, struggling with the perils of having eyes that were once bigger than my belly! 

Weighing in at almost 21 stone (I will actually weigh myself and get you an accurate number), and squeezing myself into size 22-24 clothing; I've finally realised that enough is enough. It's time to ditch the cake, grab the trainers and the recipe books and start a new journey into the unknown world of...being healthy! 

Truth be told, this has been kick-started by my boyfriend being amazingly honest and telling me that whilst he still loves me and finds me attractive; it's not the same attraction as it once was. Now we've been together a little over six years, and when we were those young spring chickens all that time ago, I was rocking a body I can only dream of now: a confident, toned size 10-12 with 34D boobs! (I couldn't even tell you how big they are now!).

So here's my pledge, I promise to update you daily as I struggle and succeed in my weightloss journey. Weekly weigh-ins, recipe ideas, diary entries of my day, whatever you want, you can have it! As a girl that's in love with the fashion and beauty industry, I can't promise that I would chuck a bit of that in there too! 

So I guess that's it, I best go make a Twitter account to support this now hadn't I, so I can get people reading. And hey, maybe some people will join me and this journey won't be so lonely!

Chow for now!

L x

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  1. Good for you. Have lost 3.4kg since the 12th (I think sometimes the scales are telling me porkie-pies at times!!) Am doing running again now the weather has warmed up, but its an effort getting up at half five in the morning to go out. V xx