Saturday, 30 April 2016

Saturday April 30 2016

Why happy Saturday everyone! 

Today has been a bit quiet really. Been drafting up a few blog posts for the coming days, and generally relaxing. Plans for a long walk were put on hold due to torrential rain showers for most of the morning, and then us getting distracted by life admin this afternoon! 

Must confess there was a little bit of snacking action last night - two curly wurly's. Not the end of the world, but I'm still annoyed at myself today! 

Here's a little round up of today's food:

Breakfast: None - this is frequent on the weekends and really is a habit that I need to snap out of!

Lunch: A cheese and ham toastie on white bread, with a packet of wheat crunchies. 

Afternoon "snack": 2 giant haribo bubblegum bottles

Dinner: Tonight I'm cooking us cod fillets, with homemade chips (par boiled and then ovenbaked using rapeseed oil to crisp up), and vegetables

Water: 1.5 litres - ish!

So to be honest, not the best choices for the most part of today and last night in regards to food. Rather than let it get me down I'm going to make tomorrow a clean slate! 

How has your Saturday been? Keep an eye out this weekend for lots of extra posts. A review of the Fitbit Charge HR went up earlier on and my recipe for Turkey Bolognese will be going up at 7pm UK time :)!

Ciao for now!

L x

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