Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Tuesday April 26 2016

So, today is the first day of my new journey. It's currently a little past midnight, and I'm yet to go to bed as a sit reflecting on the previous day.

Firstly, in less than twelve hours 130 people have viewed this blog (welcome!), which astonishes me! Secondly, I've now set up a Twitter, so if anyone fancies a natter please feel free to follow @CakeEaterNoMore. 

I was thinking about how I could set out these entries, and I think I've decided the best way would be to give a brief overview, and then comment on any particular things that have stood out to me. So here's a round up of my Tuesday:

Breakfast: Strawberries, raspberries and porridge made with almond milk (yum - although I definitely need to use less milk next time!)

Lunch: Waitrose "Superbright" Stir Fry with added beansprouts and a sachet of blue dragon chilli sauce

Dinner: The other half of the stirfry bag, with chicken and the same sauce (creative, I know!)

Water Intake: Not enough, maybe 1.5 litres?! But I guess there's still a few hours to go!

So for the first couple of days I think I'm going to go through recipe books, look at healthy dinner options and decide on some meals to try! I'm planning on going and doing a nice healthy food shop at the end of the week! Today has been a good start, I've not been to the gym, but I have done a lot of walking, so I'm feeling positive! 

The test is going to come tonight when I'm sat watching TV - the temptation to snack will be real, but I'm going to stay strong/find something healthy to snack on. I'm also tempted to join a weightloss club such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers. Can anyone recommend one or the other?! 

Here's hoping for another positive day tomorrow; hope you guys have had a good day?!

Ciao for now!

L x

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