Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday April 29 2016

Peace and quiet has gone, the boyfriend is back, the bag is laying still packed in the lounge, and the duvet is getting stolen in the middle of the night! Ahhh how I've missed normality! 

We both had the day off today, so we decided to make the most of it and do something fun. Then it started persistently hailstoning. Well, there goes that idea out of the window! As a compromise, we needed a few bits from Tesco so we took a stroll down to our local store, and also popped in for a cheeky subway (oops)! I'm making a Turkey Bolognese for dinner, so at least that's fairly healthy!

Yesterday, I only just made it to 10,000 on the fitbit (I was lucky)! Fingers crossed the stats at the end of the day today are more impressive!

Round up of today's food:

Breakfast: None! Bad!! Me and the Mr ended up staying up late last night and as a result didn't get up until nearly 10! D'oh!

Lunch: That sneaky Subway - I had a 6 inch Spicy Italian on Hearty Italian bread. I added lettuce, cucumber, peppers, red onions and a little squeeze of ranch dressing! Totally worth it. Plus, I guess we walked there so at least I earned bite?! 

Dinner: As I said before, I'm making a Turkey Bolognese - of which I will post the recipe. It's delicious :), I will be serving it with some wholewheat pasta!

Water: Not enough :) - I've had less than a litre so far today and it's currently 4pm. I will need to rectify that before the end of the day!

I'm very much looking forward to the long weekend, we've planned a couple of long walks if the weather holds out, I'm going to get some blog posts written, and take my "before/motivation" pictures, which if I feel confident enough, I will share on the blog.

Look out for some extra posts this weekend including some recipes, a review of the FitBit Charge HR and also a post on something a little bit more personal!

What have you guys got planned for the weekend? Let's get chatting!

Ciao for now! 

L x

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